Sunday, September 30, 2007

Marching Band Festival!

Glory be - a dream come true! I took the boys to the Collegiate Marching Band Festival today. Now just to be clear, this would be Kyle's dream if he had known such a thing existed. This is not my, Heather's and not Owen's dream, but it is most definitely Kyle's dream. And it was a dream come true - a was a gorgeous day, perfect weather and it was very exciting. Kyle and Owen brought their trumpets (toys) with them and carried them for the entire afternoon.

We arrived and got a chance to see a few bands warming up including the Morgan State Marching Band. I think it was the only all black band there (not entirely sure), so I was thrilled that we happened upon their practice. And they rocked. Really - a good marching band is really something to see.

Once we got to the stadium it was pure Marching Band Action - and both boys were enthralled. We got to see three different Marching Bands perform (there were 17 that day) and for us Morgan State was the best. Kyle Grooved to it, "playing" his trumpet and moving it up and down like the bands were doing. Owen lost interest after a while, but found interest in jumping from bleacher to bleacher and acting as traffic cop/toll gate to people down the stairs.

When it was time to leave we got to walk through where all the buses were and Marching Bands were lined up to go into the stadium and others were doing final touch ups on their performances. Both boys managed to touch pretty much every single instrument and performer they saw on the street.

A marching great day all around!


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

hey guys ...
glad to see you had a fun day ... it looks sunny and pretty there today ... not so in MN.

we hope you have a good week ahead.

love and prayers!

Corey said...


SO glad this worked out!

Corey & the Waters clan

MorMor said...

Braydon, you are the best Papi. I can just imagine the wonder in Kyle at the thrill of being there with the marching bands. What a great Papi you are to have found that opportunity to make your kids day and introduce them to those young people and their love of music. You are the best.

Jess said...

COOL. I thought of K & O as we stalked the Brown marching band on Saturday. :-)

lori said...

Looks like they had a blast!!!

We are here!!! Hope to see you guys!