Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Overheard: Big Boats

The best of our overheard-K-&-O-conversations seem to come from car rides. Braydon and I often have our best conversations on car rides too. Something about being in the car seems to really foster good conversation ---- at least in the Johnson-McCormicks. This conversation took place this morning, on the way to school. It was a cool morning, and as we drove along the river the water was steaming creating a thick layer of fog over the river. It was beautiful~~

Kyle: See the river? Owen, you see it? See it streaming? ["streaming" = steaming]
Owen: Yes Kyle! I do see it! I see it streaming!
K: It is many, many streaming.
O: WHO DID THAT?! Who made that stream??????!!!!!
K: Um.
O: Maybe a boat did that!
K: Um.
O: Yes! A boat did it!
K: Yes! A big fast boat did it!!! And it made a big, huge wake!
O: Yes! A boat did it! A very fast boat!
K: I am going to have a big boat. It will be so fast. It will be so loud. It will have TWO motors! I will show it to MorFar. I will say, 'MorFar, you want to come on my boat with me?' and MorFar will say, 'Sure Kyle!' and he will come onto my boat. You can come too Owen.
O: Oh! O.k. And I will have a boat too. I will have a BIG BLACK BOAT! It will be so fast! It will make a big wake! It will go 'vrooooom vrooooom vrooooooooooooooom'! [making crazy boat noises]. You hear that Kyle? That will be just like MY BIG BLACK BOAT!!!
K: Yes! And my boat will be super fast. With TWO motors. And I will be driving it with MorFar and with you Owen!
O: Yes!
K: And I will have a waterskier on the boat. Riding in the wake. It will be so fun!
O: Who?
K: Um... [thinking] Oh! It will be Dora! Dora will be waterskier from my boat! But it will be a new Dora!
O: Oh! A NEW Dora!!!!! And I will have a BIG BLACK BOAT!
K: And I will have a HUGE boat with TWO MOTORS!!!

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