Sunday, September 23, 2007

Scenes from the Weekend

A favorite current activity for the boys = sitting in Papi's office listening to music very, very loud, and 'playing along' with various instruments (either on the floor, or --if the instruments are mobile enough-- on Papi's lap). Current favorite songs = 1] O Fortuna, for Chorus and Orchestra, by Carl Orff, and 2] Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, by KT Tunstall (from the album Eye to the Telescope)
Sunday morning, out for a walk, with Douglas James and Donald in their strollers.
Owen hits the ball (he's getting good). Currently, golf continues to be Kyle's sport of choice, but baseball is definitely Owen's sport of choice.
Kyle mows the lawn. He is very serious about it.
A highlight of the weekend for the boys was that they got their first tattoo's! Saturday at the football game the Lehigh Dance Club was giving out temporary Lehigh tattoo's. Both Kyle and Owen got one -- each on their right cheek. They loved it. We finally removed them before bed on Sunday night.
No photo... but we went to the shoe store today. The boys got new fall shoes, and they also each got to pick out a new pair of Crocs (the Crocs they've been wearing all summer were almost completely destroyed). They insisted on having the same color. By their own choosing they both chose red (I never even mentioned to them how nice it would be if they chose red for their Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes). By the way, current feet measurements:
Kyle = size 10 1/2, extra wide, wearing size 11 shoe
Owen = size 11 1/2, regular wide, wearing size 12 shoe
These boys are big.
And so cute and so sweet. Today alone they must have said, "excuse me?!" and "please" and "thank you very much!" a hundred times each. Plus, at lunch they ordered their own food perfectly politely in the restaurant. And after dinner they each came to kiss me to say, "thank you for supper Mama!" Honestly, they drive us crazy at times, and they are also so, so, so good.


Malia'sMama said...

Crazy for sports, music and their baby dolls???!! Talk about well-rounded!! :)

trish said...

I love Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - I bet they can't stop moving to it! It sounds like Braydon has a very musical background. Any instruments?

The Fry Family said...

Heather & Braydon--I LOVE reading about your family adventures and life together. YEAH for Kyle and Owen with the Marching Band--and YEAH for fun times with papi in his office--and YEAH for pushing strollers and getting temporary tattoos. It sounds like it was a glorious weekend!
Hugs to you all:)

LaLa said...

Annslee is from Hubei province (notice on all cymbals 'made in Wuhan,China' yeah so she comes by it naturally. But, I bought her a recorder and oh man, it is LOUD...ha ha

Glad the red crocks worked out for the costume : )

Ani said...

The pics are great - what a great weekend.

I love the baseball pic - where do you GET one of those things????? Its perfect for our budding batter!

Braydon said...

Hi Ani and Trish!

The batting thing was actually given to the boys for their birthday - so sadly I don't know where it came from. But I did find a link for it on here at

As for my background - I have a doctorate in music composition - so have a tendancy to encourage their musical development and appreciation!