Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bikes Photos

Kyle's First Crash!
Coming down the driveway way too fast,
not quite fully familiar with how to brake,
slammed right into the tree

Owen lovin' the water bottle!


Mayhem said...

I actually love the picture of Braydon hugging Kyle, right there by the mean ol' tree.

(Have you ever posted a picture of either of the boys crying or sad? They just always seem happy, happy, happy!)

At 3 and 4 years old, I love how easy it is to comfort my boys, and how quickly they run to us for hugs, or reach to us for comfort. It is so, so precious, and I'm trying to treasure it while it lasts!

Heather said...

Hi Amanda! I've posted only a couple photos on the blog of the boys crying. I remember posting a couple times about "terrible two's times two" tantrums. But truly, they are happy happy happy about 99% of the time. They cry like this (in the photo of the bike crash) very rarely... like maybe one of them will cry hard only once every couple days or so. Usually because of an injury--- but their pain tolerance is so incredibly high (because of their history) that this is rare too. So, yes, mostly what you see on the blog is an accurate reflection of their day-to-day lives. Happy. People comment on it when we're out and about all the time--- saying stuff like, "Wow, they're so happy" and "Are they like this a lot? they seem so HAPPY" and "I've never seen such happy children, ever." Etc. It is noticeable. But yes, they do cry. And yes, we do love to be able to comfort them. They equally come to Braydon and I--- which is also very, very nice (as opposed to only wanting/needing Mommy). They get a lot of hugs and comfort from us round-the-clock---- usually just because (not for crying or injuries, etc.).

fornade1@umbc.edu said...

I am so glad I see that they are wearing helmets and that they even fit! I work for a bike company and all too often I see well-meaning parents taking their kids out without helmets. Good for you and keep those helmet straps tight!

Heather said...

Love the bike photos - can't believe the comparison - K&O are so big! It's AWESOME!!!

Really wanted to comment though because we just saw your wedding photo and couldn't believe it. We're up North at a retreat and it was completely unexpected and very cool.

Take care, H.