Monday, October 22, 2007

Quote of the Day: "Excuse Me..."

For an explanation of why we still allow Owen to use a pacifier, click here

Owen continues to be completely 100% unselfconscious of being 3+ years old and still using a pacifier. At this point he has only 2 left (all others have gotten lost, broken, or just disappeared over time). The 2 he has left are very old and don't even work very well anymore, but as much as we're willing to let this paci thing continue we aren't going to actively support the habit by actually buying him any new ones. He only uses the paci when he sleeps at night. But just recently we've noticed that Owen might be finally showing signs of starting to give up the paci even for that. For the past couple of weeks we've seen that he'll suck like crazy on his paci as he's drifting into sleep, but by the time we check in on him before we go to bed his paci is long dropped out of his mouth, he's sucking his thumb (so now we have two thumb suckers!), and he seems to sleep the rest of the night without the pacifier. Since he seems to be showing signs of letting go of the paci, yesterday we decided that we should start helping him officially move in that direction. So, last night, unbenounced to him, after Owen fell asleep, we found his paci in his bed and put it on his bedside table, out of his reach. All was good and the night was peaceful. ...Then... very early this morning we're all sleeping soundly and the house is silent and pitch dark. Completely out of the blue I jolt upright in bed to Owen's voice -- saying very calmly and very clearly and very loudly (not yelling or shouting, but definitely loud enough to hear throughout the house): "Excuse me?! Excuse me mommy and papi?! Excuse me?!" Braydon bolted into his room trying to get there before Owen woke up his brother. As soon as Braydon opened the door to Owen's room I hear: "Excuse me papi?! Can you please help me find my paci?!"


Malia'sMama said...

LOL! At least he was polite about it! :)

Marcy "meg" said...

I took a paci until I was older than most. I actually called it my "binkie". I finally got rid of it when my mom told me (in an effort to assist me in getting rid of it) that my cousin who lived out of town needed one and they didn't sell them there. I was getting to the point I wasn't wanting it near as much and that was kind of the thing that sealed the deal. She wasn't going to make me do it... but just wanted to see how I handled it! I was all for it! It all worked out and everything was good.

So I can relate to this story!

Ani said...

I love this story! Such a polite little man!

My 2 year old LOVES his paci... so much so, that I keep about 4 in his crib to avoid the early morning crib hunt screams :)