Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Moods and Good Eats

These past few days K & O have been in such good moods. As anyone who knows them well knows, they tend to be very happy and very animated most of the time. But sometimes we seem to go through little spurts where they're even more happy and animated than usual. These past few days there has been very little fighting and picking-at-each-other, there have been lots of giggles and belly laughs, and even more hopping-skipping-dancing-jumping around than usual. They're in a good place right now. Braydon and I enjoy these little spurts immensely, it makes it feel like everything is o.k. regardless of whatever else is going on in our lives. And Owen--- man, he is eating up a storm. Being so sick last week he lost more than 3 pounds (a lot for a kid with zero percent body fat). This week he has eaten an incredible amount of food. Yesterday he ate 7 pieces of french toast for breakfast. Today he ate 5 pancakes (plus guzzling down cup after cup of milk of course, and a glass of OJ here and there too). Two nights this week he ate the same amount of dinner as me. One night we had made pizza with a thick crust - Owen and I each ate 2 slices. Another night we had fish, rice, green beans and fresh dinner rolls - Owen and I each ate the same serving portions of all of it (except that he ate 2 dinner rolls and I only ate 1). The boy can eat. Anytime. But this week he's setting records--- even for himself.


Scarlett_333 said...

Those pictures are adorable!!

Nikki <-- blog stylizing

Malia'sMama said...

SEVEN pices of french toast!? Where does it GO??
Oh they are sooo adorable! But, Mama, youmade a mistake on the socks- they are BOTH wearing red, but red shirted twin (that's kyle, I think!) should have on BLUE! lol

Heather said...

LOL about the red socks!! Here's the scoop: we went to the Gap Kids the other day to buy more socks (which they desperately needed). We bought about a dozen pair, but let K & O each pick out a pair for themselves. They each chose bright red because, they said over and over very excitedly, they are "red socks just like the RED SOX!!!" If it were up to them they'd wear those red socks (or "Red Sox" as they call them) non-stop all day and all night. No way in heck I could get away with just one of them in the red socks and the other one in something else. Plus... the honest truth is... to this day if it were up to Kyle and Owen (which, obviously, most days IT IS NOT!! LOL!!), they would both choose to wear PRECISELY MATCHING OUTFITS EVERY SINGLE DAY. They choose "match to match" (as they call it) whenever they are able to get away with it. That goes for clothes, shoes, toys, cups, plates, crayons, you-name-it. They are two handfuls those two.