Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This morning we were getting ready to head out and I was in the laundry room throwing clothes in the dryer. This is what I heard emanating from the kitchen:

HBJ: You really really want Mac and Cheese for lunch today?
K&O: YES YES YES! I really really want it!
HBJ: But you just had mac and cheese for dinner last night.
K&O: Silence
HBJ: Ok, I will make you mac and cheese for lunch today, you can help me, let's get a pot.
K&O : Mac and cheese - thank you!
K: You are the best mommie ever!
O: You are the best mommie in the whole world!
HBJ: Thank you my baby - that makes it worth it!

I emerge and what do I find at 7:20 AM: A pot of boiling water with Heather, Kyle & Owen crowded around it making mac and cheese; all happy as can be!

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