Friday, November 16, 2007

Snapshots of Our Day: A Quiet Moment & Hot Chocolate

7:40 a.m. -- We catch Owen in a quiet moment. These moments aren't exactly rare, but they are not exactly commonplace either.


2:30 p.m. -- Home from school, after lots of playing outside on a cold November day (it is finally starting to feel like fall around here), the boys and I (heather) make hot chocolate.


Candis said...

Ah! Domestic bliss (however shortlived). I still cannot tell your boys apart, but that picture of the twin in stripes sipping his hot chocolate cracks me up. He looks like a Parisienne student relaxing in a bistro, All he needs is a woolen scarf and a cigarette...
Our boys are the same age, and they are all potty-trained. How do you(they) manage with the overalls?

Heather said...

Hi Candis! Do you have twins? K & O are potty trained (except they still wear a diaper to bed). They love un-doing their overalls and can both do it. Kyle needs help re-buckling them, but Owen can buckle them up entirely himself. Overalls are their favorite thing to wear... and the "fish overalls" are their absolute favorite. By the way, the one in stripes in these photos is OWEN.

Kristi said...

The photo of Owen on the stairs is gorgeous! I love photos with natural light streaming through the window. said...

Iam just now getting around to reading your comment (and thank you for it). Sorry for the confusion. When I said "our boys..." I meant your boys and my three-year old. Colin is a month younger (and he came home from Port in August 2006). He loves to go potty on his own, but I've been afraid to confound the process with overalls--although I adore them. Your boys have inspired me to try it.
We know the Frys, and hope to meet y'all in July at camp.


wendy said...

I just love reading about your boys! They are so cute and such great little thinkers.

I have a question for you ... how do you make their hair into dreadlocks? I have 2 African sons (Ethiopia) and we are thinking about putting their hair into dreds.

My email address is eightgumdrop at yahoo dot com.