Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

What a long strange trip it's been.
Monday night at around 5:30 Owen started saying he felt "sick in his belly." At 6:00 he had one of the biggest, nastiest vomit attacks I've ever witnessed. Let's just put it this way: Our boy does nothing in moderation... and at age 3 it is impossible for him to aim while puking (it just goes everywhere).
And that was the beginning of the end.
It was the end of our Thanksgiving Week plans, the end of our Thanksgiving Week house-guests (MorMor, MorFar, Stina, Tim, and Sadie), the end of our Thanksgiving Dinner (which 17 people were planning to join in), the end of our Thanksgiving Week festivities, the end of the Thanksgiving that we had spent the past few weeks planning and prepping and preparing for.
It was the beginning of a four-day marathon puke and diarrhea fest for Owen, the beginning of a four-day laundry and Clorox and Febreez fest for Braydon, the beginning of a four-day sad-lonely-without-twin-playmate-and-jealous-of-the-sick-twin-getting-all-the-attention fest for Kyle, the beginning of a four-day long-strange-trip for the Mama.
Tuesday morning we were hanging in there, hoping it was a 24-hour flu bug.
Wednesday morning we were hanging in there, hoping it was a 48-hour flu bug.
By Wednesday night all of our Thanksgiving plans were cancelled, our plans were dashed, and we were just hoping it would end soon. And we were buckling down for the long haul.
It was quite the Thanksgiving.
It was quite the day-after-Thanksgiving.
And here we are, Saturday morning, seemingly out of the woods. We've been throw-up and diarrhea free for about 16 hours now. We're thinking the coast is clear. The fog feels like it is lifting-- at least a bit. Although we are left in a gross kind of haze, feeling dazed and confused and stir-crazy and cottage-feverish.
Which, we fully acknowledge, is much better than feeling flu-feverish.
We are left feeling truly thankful for so many things. But what are we most thankful for this Thanksgiving 2007? We are most thankful that only one of the four of us got it. So far.
Knock on wood.
Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Turkey Day left-overs for us! Over here, we've got plenty of leftover Saltines and Pedialyte (that we're hopeful we won't have to use on bambino #2)! ;0


Scarlett_333 said...

Aww, poor Owen (and you!) Glad to hear he is feeling better.

Malia'sMama said...

Wow! Poor little one! Mal threw up breakfast 5 minutes in yesterday and tonight did the same with dinner. I hope it was more a commentary on new foods than on a bug about to hit hard!
Bondye beni Owen, Kyle, Maman and Papi.

Amy said...

Bummer! For all of you. The Livesays seem to have the "puke and heave show" at their house too. That's a long time to be sick. Poor kid. Glad he's feeling better and hope the rest of you don't get it. One word for you. Lysol. Take care,

trish said...

Oh how I feel for all of you. It sounds just awful. We've been dealing with multiple flu for weeks. I am keeping everything crossed that no one else in your family gets sick and Owen gets his strength back quickly. Hugs, hugs, hugs.

Bek said...

Oh, poor boy. we had the same thing (my kids ALWAYS get the "pukes" on Thanksgiving. It is our family tradition). Ours started on the plane. Good times..

Sorry for all the laundry too. That is hard. I am impressed that only one got it. Lets hope they aren't tag teaming it.

Hope all stay well...

Jess said...

Oh man, what an un-holiday! And doesn't Owen know that kids are supposed to be graphically ill for just 24h? Maybe he was sick for all four of you.

Hope you're all well now.

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

we'll have to get together and trade puke clean up stories... I put a matress OUTSIDE the house at midnight one night ... could not face it till the morning and needed not to smell it. The joys of parenting. :) Thank goodness they (the pukes) USUALLY come with nice breaks of healthiness in the middle.