Monday, November 26, 2007

Top 10: Favorite Funnies From the Past Few Days

  1. "I'm just a wreck!" -Owen, discombobulated, trying to get on his boots/coat/scarf/hat/mittens.

  2. "Mommy, we are so mad at you! Mommy, we will TAKE OFF! Mommy, we will run away from you SO FAST!" -Kyle, speaking on behalf of both brothers, shouting out at me from the laundry room where they were reluctantly getting their shoes on after I told them, firmly, that they could not go outside without shoes.

  3. "You're killing me!" -Owen, laughing hysterically at Braydon's antics.

  4. "It is a sunset. The sun is going down, down, down. The sun is landing!!! Wait a minute, where is the runway???" -Kyle, watching the sunset.

  5. "But I am a person! I am not a kid! I am not a child! I am not a baby! I am a PERSON!!!" -Owen, when I wouldn't buy him a Ghirardelli chocolate in the check-out line at a store.

  6. "If I grow up, then I will be a grown up. I slept so well. See? I growed up from sleeping so well. Now, feel my muscle!" -Kyle

  7. "I'm not angry at you Mommy, I'm just mad at you." -Owen

  8. "If I throwed up, then can I get some soda???" -Kyle

  9. "I'm so great! Right?" -Owen

  10. "But we are growing up. We are getting to be grown-ups." -Kyle, holding back from petting a random lady's dog because she told him that her dog 'really likes kids.'


Scarlett_333 said...

Hehe, I love when you post the funny little things they say- it is so cute!

Ani said...

Just catching up on blogs and read about your less-than-stellar Thanksgiving. So glad everyone is doing better now.

I loved the post about Owen - he's definitely got the right attitude!

Happy holidays to you and yours.

Mayhem said...

Your boys always make me laugh!

Christine said...

I love posts like this. It's a real glimpse into your life.

Your family is precious.

God Bless.

Malia'sMama said...

They're really fascinated with growing up and getting big, eh? :)

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Tell Owen I am just a wreck with him ...



Anonymous said...

"But I am a person! I am not a kid! I am not a child! I am not a baby! I am a PERSON!!!" -Owen, when I wouldn't buy him a Ghirardelli chocolate in the check-out line at a store.

This is SO interesting, don't you think??? What did he mean about being a "person" and how did that connect to his desire to get chocolate? I LOVE these quotes!!!!!

Heather said...

Yes, I thought it was *so* interesting immediately when it happened and I thought of all of my own research with kids and our research together too. I actually thought to myself when I was making up this Top 10 list, "Maggie is going to LOVE #5!" :) As for what I think he meant by it, or what the connection with the chocolate was... I can only guess! The truth is that often these days K & O say things that really don't have much meaning- they just blurt stuff out and tie things together that are truly not connected in any way. It is a 3 year old non-logic. But, if I had to take a stab at this one, this would be my best guess: He saw the chocolate and started to take one (they still don't fully comprehend the concepts related to purchasing things, material possession, etc.-- I will post about that someday soon). I told him he couldn't take it. He asked why. I told him "because we are not buying it; we don't need it." And that's when he immediately launched into the "But I am a person!" quote. The connection seems to be that he might have thought that the items in the store were mainly for adults (we were in a craft store- Michaels- buying things for ME not for THEM); so therefore he assumed that the chocolates were for adults, and was pushing the envelope by trying to take one in the first place (K & O really like fine chocolates-- like truffles and expensive fancy hand-made chocolates like that-- chocolates that most children are never exposed to, let alone accustomed to eating, so they are aware that other kids don't seem to eat these things like they do; he may have even recognized the Ghirardelli wrapper! LOL!!!!). He probably expected me to tell him that he couldn't have the chocolate because it was "for grown ups, not kids" (which is our explanation for why they can't have whole bottles of beer or full glasses of wine or large cups of soda, etc.!). However, in this case, I didn't argue with him that he couldn't have it for being a kid- I simply argued that we "didn't need it." His reaction was to just come right back at me with quote #5. What do *YOU* think he meant by it?! I'd be curious to hear your thoughts!!! ;)

Cle and Sylvie said...

I LOVE so stinkin cute!