Monday, December 31, 2007

Final Days of 2007

It felt really strange to go from the New Hampshire Winter Wonderland to this (still greenish grass Pennsylvania... land of year-round golfing and biking for K & O!... these two photos taken on Friday):

But boy oh boy do our boys love coming home! We all four love to go-- and we all four love to come home again too. We came back from New Hampshire late Thursday night. Our final days of 2007 have been fun and full! Friday we had a previously scheduled big doctor's appointment and K & O got two hours of non-stop-crazy-frenetic-playtime with our 16-year-old neighbor and one of her friends (the boys LOVE it when they babysit because these girls have soooo much energy!). Saturday we had Zoe's birthday with a fabulous trip with our friends we love, the Petch's, to Chuck E. Cheese's (our very first time there but if K & O have anything to do with it it will definitely not be the last!!!). And Sunday we got a visit from Auntie Sabrina and Dave (the boys were in Heaven! and we even got to have lunch together at Panera with them). Today, our final day of this year, we spent as just a foursome... lunch out and a trip to one of the boys' favorite playgrounds. Tonight the boys were in bed at 7:00 with no real clue about New Year's Eve. Braydon and I have big plans for our first New Year's Eve ever as just the two of us... We're having take-out from our favorite sushi place and watching as many episodes of 24 as we possibly can before we zonk out. It is sad to say goodbye to such an awesome past year. But we're looking forward to an amazing 2008.

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Mrs. Incredible said...

Welcome home! I missed you!

I can't wait for your 2008 either!