Monday, January 21, 2008


Happy MLK Day from the Johnson-McCormick Family Blog.
It is because of guys like that, that we can have families like ours.


Rony said...

Happy MLK Day to you! I love your family!

Tim & Sarah said...

amen to the guys like that, family like ours comment!!!

Scarlett_333 said...

This is going to sound weird... but you don't happen to know anything about anthropology, do you? I read your blog almost daily (have commented, but not often) as I hope to adopt from Haiti one day. Anyways, I know you are a professor (sociology I think?) and I am trying to decide my major (see the first post on my blog and want to eventually do something working either with international adoption or something at a global level.
Anyways, just thought because you are a professor and have adopted that there might be a chance you would have some input!