Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter at Bement Camp 2008 - II


Ani said...

what a great family picture! those boys sure look handsome in their Easter ties!

Anonymous said...

I just love those PJ's! They are so cute. Looks like you guys had a great Easter.


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious-- where is the family picture? My wife and I are a white couple in the process of adopting two girls from Ethiopia. We read your blog daily for inspiration and hope (and the great pictures!) during this long and difficult wait that we're in. I was trying to show this post to my in-laws last night (who are visiting from Nebraska). They are struggling with imagining being white grandparents to black grandchildren, and wanted to SEE a REAL family that looks like what ours will soon look like. We know once they meet our daughters they will love them as if they had been born to us, but right now they are struggling to really imagine the whole thing. We're disappointed to find many of your photos from these posts now missing. It is not a huge deal, we're just curious.
On another note:
Thank you for your blog. We have never commented before. But my wife and I really don't know how we'd get through this waiting phase without you! Adoption is such a tough process. Some days we feel like we can barely carry the burden. Sincerely, you give us great hope and inspiration for what is to come (instead of us dwelling on how hard this wait is for us). Thank you. It can't be easy to maintain this blog, but just know that it is GREATLY appreciated by many! What you are doing is giving people a real VISION for what is possible. Continued peace and blessings to you and your boys.
Tom and Nina Fuller

Heather said...

Dear Fuller Family:
Sorry to have to take the family picture and some others off the blog. My sister's family of three has asked that they be removed from the blog. I'm really sorry-- especially because from my own experience (during our own waiting) I know first-hand how very important and powerful these sorts of images can be. Please keep reading! And we'll hope to not disappoint you again in the future! Hang in there with your wait. They WILL come home! If you want to email me off-blog, we're always happy to support other families like ours (there are SO few of us and we know the importance of supporting each other!!!)... my email is hbj 2 @ lehigh . edu (no spaces).
P.S. Look on the left of our blog for links to other black-white adoptive family blogs -- you can find inter-racial family photos on a lot of those blogs! :)