Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our new camera

So - after a number of questions about our new camera, this is the story.

We had wanted to "upgrade" for a while, and when bonus season came around and our camera bit the dust, we decided to do it.

I did a lot of online research and we ultimately went with the Nikon D40, with the included kit 18-55mm lens (28-80mm equiv). We also got the Nikon sb-600 flash (but it has not arrived yet). I suspect we're going to get the 18-200mm lens at a later date to give us more zoom.

It's easy to use, has an auto setting for Heather, is super light, and way way way way fast. Feels like instant on, instant taking a picture. There feels like no delay from when you click the shutter release to when the picture is taken. This is our first Digital SLR, so it's new for us to have such quality. Our previous camera (that's being repaired) is a Canon G7, which is a very good point and shoot - but there are delays when starting and taking pictures. We were ready to upgrade.

Our choice was between the Nikon D60, D80 and the Canon Rebel XTi. If we had wanted to spend twice as much, I would have gotten the D200, but we didn't. Those cameras have more megapixels than the D40, but since we're not making poster sized prints, we don't really need more than 6 (which is what the D40 has), and the D40 has better color and exposure quality than the D60 and D80. Not being a camera expert, that's what I read in reviews anyway.

I used these two sites to help with the research:


Ken Rockwell

And we bought it at Circuit city. The prices online were comparable, and with no shipping, automatic 10% off on the flash and memory card, it simply came in at the best price. We also got the 2 year extended warranty, since our last 4 cameras have all broken within two years.

We're loving it so far.


Marcy "meg" said...

Thank you! We had looked at that one... so we might just go with it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Braydon! I have the Canon Rebel XTi, and it is SO cool! My dad has been helping me get into photography more, and the things the camera can do are really neat. I love that you can switch up the lenses too! Have fun with your new toy!!!! :)

Greg Palmer said...

Good choice - I'm a Nikon fan myself.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!