Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

Also on Friday the 14th we had K & O's Parent-Teacher Conference at River Valley Waldorf School. I'm not writing this to brag-- just to document it for K & O when they are older (if they are ever inclined to read this):
Dear Boys,
Your nursery school teacher, Miss Kathy, loves you. She thinks you are independently two of the most amazing boys ever. She says people are drawn to you and that you are "very special." And she also loves to watch your twinship. She's had many sets of twins in the years she's been teaching, but she says you are extra special twins to watch. She says you two are the "life of the class" and that you have "huge auras in the classroom and on the playground." She says that all the other children adore you and that you are the natural leaders of the group every single day. When you are absent from school the day is "quiet" and your "absence is so striking to everyone." She says that you are rarely in trouble. You are very social. You play well with all of the children and exclude no one (your Papi and I are most proud of this). You lead the group in vivid imaginary play... usually related to travel (LOL!). You turn over the table and turn it into an airplane. You get all the kids to "pack their bags" and "get ready for the trip." You all pile into the upside-down-table-plane, get your seats, and fasten your seat belts. Then you all fly off to distant destinations! Beaches! Desert! Snowy Mountains! It is always glorious and adventurous and exciting! Many of the other children have never actually been on a plane in real life-- but in class they are flying off all over the world everyday! ;) Miss Kathy thinks this is just a wonderful thing you're doing in class. You eat your snacks and your lunches very well. You love to be outside (she knows you well). You play separately at times during the day but always come back together in between. Often when together you play with another child too, so that there are three of you. Owen likes to play especially with the girls-- Stella and Lydia are constant companions. Kyle rotates from friend-to-friend, but Will remains a steady. You enjoy story time and song singing. She thinks you're way ahead of other kids your age in pretty much every way-- except for coloring/drawing (!!!). You still really don't like to color or draw and your skills show it! Basically, you're still just scribbling and showing no interest in doing much else. She's not worried about that though, and neither are we. You're going to graduate to the mixed-age-kindergarten (ages 4-5-6) for next year. You'll probably be the youngest kids in your class, but you'll love it because you really enjoy being with older kids. And Miss Kathy thinks you'll do just great. Your Papi and I kept waiting for the bad news. But there was none. Your Parent-Teacher Conference was just an hour of listening to how wonderful you boys are!


Karen Vitek said...

I agree with Owen - IVs are NO FUN!! And a flat belly and an innie - who could ask for anything more!! I'm so glad he did so well and that both boys are doing so well in school. You and Braydon are doing a wonderful job with them.

Anonymous said...

WoW! Those boys! :)