Sunday, March 30, 2008

Signs of Spring!

Last spring Braydon started taking the boys to the driving range to hit golf balls. Anyone who knows us well knows that the boys have been loving golf since they were about 16 months old, and they are pretty good at it. When the driving range closed early this winter K & O were very disappointed. They've been waiting for spring ever since... in part because they know that's when the driving range (or, as they say, "The Good Golf Course") will open again. Today was the first trip to the driving range of 2008. K & O's golf season has officially begun!!! They were ecstatic (Kyle especially). They both picked up right where they left off last fall-- hitting the ball very consistently, and the best hits going over 50 yards. When we got into the car afterward Kyle very enthusiastically proclaimed, "That was really, really fun!" (The really cool thing about the two photos below is that if you click on them to enlarge them you can actually see the golf balls they've just hit flying in the air.)

Another sure sign that spring has officially begun (even though it was actually unseasonably cold here today)--- We stopped into a store for K & O to get their new Red Sox hats for the 2008 season. This has become an annual rite of spring for us. They outgrow them each year, so each spring they need new ones. Now they totally get it (i.e., they totally get it that MorFar loves the Red Sox and therefor they love the Red Sox and therefor they are really excited about their new Red Sox hats).

Not a sign of spring whatsoever, but this afternoon we took K & O to their second theatre movie ever! This was a big deal. We went to see Horton Hears A Who. Not sure who loved it more -- K & O, or H & B.

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