Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Against One (AKA 'Always Easier to be Mad at Mommy Than at Each Other')

Braydon had to leave early this morning for a meeting, so I drove the boys to school. From the minute we got into the car they were at each other-- Owen grabbed Kyle's hat, K grabbed O's hat, O threw K's hat, K threw O's hat, O tugged on K's hood, K slapped O on the shoulder, O shoved K, etc.... lots of fussing and carrying on. About three minutes into the drive I had had enough. "Boys! Cut it out! CUT! IT! OUT! That's ENOUGH!" Silence for about 60 seconds. Then:

K: Mommy?
H: Yes Kyle?
K: Mommy, I'm getting mad at you.
O: Me too!
K: Mommy, I think Owen is feeling angry. Angry at you Mommy. And I'm getting mad at you too.
H: O.k. You can be mad at me.
K: Actually, I'm getting mad at Owen. Yes. I'm getting mad at Owen.
O: I'm having a bad day. Mommy, did you hear me? I said, 'I'm having a bad day.'
H: Oh. Owen, why are you having a bad day?
O: I am having a bad day. Because you are saying mean things to me Mommy. You are saying very mean things to me and to Kyle.
H: Like what? What mean things am I saying?
O: You said 'that's enough!' That was very mean. That's why I'm mad at you Mommy. That's why. And that's why I'm having a bad day. That's why.
H: O.k.
K: I'm mad at Owen. I'm super mad at Owen.
O: Kyle, why are you mad at me? Why Kyle?
K: Because you broke my hood Owen! You broke my hood and you threw my hat!
O: Oh.
K: That's why!
O: Oh. Kyle, I have an idea-- let's be mad at Mommy.
K: O.k.
O: We're mad at Mommy. Right Kyle?
K: Yes, that's right!
O: That's exactly right! We're mad at Mommy!
K: Yes! She needs to go to her room!
O: Yes, and she needs to have a big huge time out!
K: Yes! She is poopie Mommy!
O: Yes! Poopie Mommy!
K: Owen, let's talk about POOP!
K: Poop and poop and poop!
O: Pooooooooop!!!!!!
[hysterical laughter, followed by happy banter for the rest of the drive to school]


Anonymous said...

They are such sensitive boys, but that's good coz it shows that they do care each other or other people either :)

Memphislis said...

Yep, when all else fails, talk about poop. It cures what ails ya.

Malia'sMama said...

Priceless! :)

Mom to 3 said...

That is soooo funny. Hysterical!! Thank goodness you are keeping this blog. You never want to forget moments like these!

Candis said...

"I'm having a bad day...Poopie Mommy...Let's talk about poop...

Stream of consciousness techniques that would make James Joyce proud. Hahahahaha. Your boys...mmm mmm mmm. They make me shake my head in wonder, and laugh at the same time.

Ani said...

I just love it how "in touch" they are with their feelings. And how quickly those feelings are apt to change when you're 3!

Amanda said...

They are so adorable! Even when you've had "enough!" LOL Such happy fellas.