Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You 'Gotta Hurry Up and Play Before She Makes Her Grand Debut!
Guess Baby Sister's Name CONTEST!


Malia'sMama said...

Well, since you continue to ask for guesses, does that mean no one has hit it yet?? :)

So, in that spirit, let me add guesses from more of my family, since I cannot guess again:

the rabbit who hangs around my garden says: Marlena

the squirrel who thinks he's Mal's brother says: Michaela

the spider on my ceiling (and he's been hit with raid a lot!) says: Marisol

My mom says: Mika

My dad says: Maris


my car says: Milana

I think I'm out of M names!!! LOL

Ani said...

I keep checking to see if the news about Baby Sister's arrival are up yet...

Mom to 3 said...

My husband wants to enter a guess--


Anonymous said...

How about Maren? That's a good scandinavian name.


Anonymous said...

May! That was my grandmothers name:)!

Analeise said...

My husband thinks its going to be Miley

me said...



Cindy said...

It's May, duh! :)

-Cindy, famous triplet mama

Melanie said...

May....or Mae..... oh I forgot only one guess....that was Morgan my son's guess!!!!

Cindy said...

Now my tripelts are guessing:
Maybel. Or however you want to spell it.

(I love this name!)

Has anybody guessed at this yet?

-Cindy :0)

Chatter said...


Chatter said...

Good luck with the babe. I'm checking every day for the news. She'll be here soon!! Our babe is due in the next five weeks!

Mark and Sarah said...

My husband guesses Molly!
(since I've already guessed).

Mom to 3 said...

A couple of guesses from the grandparents:

Marlys and Maura