Saturday, June 28, 2008


My mom left this morning after having spent "six sleeps" taking care of us. She and my dad had been here before/during/after Meera's birth. They left after we had been home from the hospital one day. We spent our first three weeks home just us as a family of five. It was both a joy-filled and very-tough three weeks... but it was precious time for us (the good parts) and we made it through it (the bad parts), and that is just exactly how we wanted it. My mom's return though, for week 4, was a hugely welcome relief for all five of us! She became the expert at getting Meera to sleep, she was the boys' entertainer extraordinaire, she did all the laundry (Braydon's job) and all the cooking (my job), the cleaning, the moral support, the sit-and-chat-for-hours-on-end-with-the-nursing-mother, etc., etc., etc. This morning when she left we were all sad to see her go. She and my dad return though, in "five sleeps" for the 4th of July -- so we were o.k. as we watched her drive off (plus she left us with Braydon's favorite casserole in the fridge ready to pop in the oven tomorrow). I have had a life-long very (unusually) close relationship with my mother. She's my best girlfriend and my mom (what could be better?). I don't know what I'd do without her. As anyone who reads this blog knows, my parents are really supportive of us despite the fact that we live 9 hours apart. As far as long-distance relationships go, it doesn't get much better than this. We don't know how to thank them for what they do for us. The only way they really get repaid is with the knowledge that Braydon and I will be making sure that we're paying it forward in the future--- doing the same things they are now doing for us for K, O, and M someday.


Mark and Sarah said...

Your mom rocks...and she looks 29! You've got some good genes, Heather!

Kristen said...

I recently happened upon your blog, and I think that your family is the most beautiful family I have ever seen! I was wondering if I could send you a personal e-mail.. here is mine, if you'd rather e-mail me yours instead of posting it back to me. My email is: =)


honor22 said...


Everyone deserves a relationship like you and your mother have! Enjoy the time just the five of you and look forward to the time when your support returns.


Candis said...

When my old(er) kids (now 31 and 26) were quite young we moved to a new community where I had taken a new position. We had a 1.25 day gap in child care coverage, and neither knew anyone, nor could afford a professional nanny. My mommy drove out from Vegas (4.5 hours one way) EVERY WEEK for nearly a year to watch J & A. She would arrive Tuesday evening, then drive home Wednesday evening.

Heather, you are spot on with your observation that these sacrifices deserve to be--must be-- paid forward. It DOES take a village...

Anonymous said...

Where does the name MorMor come from?