Friday, June 27, 2008

Soccer Camp

This past week Kyle and Owen have been in Soccer Camp at Lehigh (click here). This was a one-week mornings-only day-camp program for 4-5 year olds. The boys have loved it. It is kind of sad to see the week end. Given that this was a "sports camp" for such young kids, we weren't quite sure what to expect. We were shocked by how much real soccer they actually learned/played! It was a great week for K & O. Kyle, especially did really really well. He loved learning a new sport, mastering the rules of the game, and gaining some real skills (this stuff is right up his ally!!!). Owen loved it too, and is obviously an incredibly naturally gifted athlete (anyone who's ever witnessed the boy do anything physical can attest to this about Owen), but Kyle... Kyle really really really excels at the following-directions/practicing skills/participating in team-sports kinds of parts of sports. Kyle is quite athletically gifted/talented in his own right and he has the drive/determination/focus/attention-span to really take it one step further. Coach Larry, the head coach, had the boys pegged by day 2. Among other things, he told me that he's "coached many boys throughout his years, and these two are all boy" (all I could do was nod in complete agreement with that one). He also told me that Kyle is really good at soccer and will "probably go real far" with athletics because he's "so incredibly coachable." These are things that we, of course, already knew about our boys. But it was interesting to hear the perspective of Coach Larry since this was K & O's first real exposure to team sports.

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