Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meera's Play Mat

I bought a play mat for Meera. Even though she is only seven weeks old (as of today), I knew that she was ready for it. I set it up and I laid her down on it and immediately her face lit up. She smiles at the dangling toys, coos and gurgles at them, kicks her legs and bats her arms. She loves it. Anyway-- once the boys saw that I had set it up they were extremely excited about "teaching" their baby sister how to play on it. The next chance they had they got me to put her on the play mat. She smiled huge, laughed, and cooed at it all. The boys ignored this and were adamant that they would "teach" her to play on it. Of course, I wasn't going to let on to them, but Meera didn't need anyone at all to teach her how to play (((this is... by the way... a whole new world for Braydon and I -- a baby who doesn't need to be taught how to play; a baby who has her babyhood in tact and is able to just be a baby and play with age appropriate baby toys -- when we brought Kyle and Owen home we spent the first several weeks teaching them how to just be babies and how to play with toys... so our experience with Meera, even at this young age, is new [happy, exciting, good, heart-warming] for us... but alas, this is a subject for another post some day...))) Anyway... so, Meera was on the play mat, and before I knew it:
And then:
And finally:

(click on photos to enlarge to get the full effect)
Even I have to admit: so dang cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tricia V. said...

I think that girl is well-protected for life!!

Anonymous said...

too cute! what sweet and loving sons you have... :)


Heather said...

Seriously, there are no words. So unbelievably cute, sweet and endearing. What lovely and warm sons you are raising. Such kind souls. Love the pictures.