Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Near Perfect Summer Day

We had a great day today. And I don't even have to write about it because in addition to giving us a great day together, the Petsch family has given me a night off from blogging too! Aren't they the best?! ;) Their post is so perfect there is no need to duplicate it, so just click here. Not only did we get to hang out with Lori, Shelli, and Zoe -- some of our favorite people on the planet -- but Auntie Sabrina came up from Philly for the day too. Kyle and Owen seem to become more and more over-the-top enamored with her each time they see her!!!!!! It is really nice for B & me whenever Sabrina comes to visit by herself and we don't have to 'share' our time with her with other extended family. It is especially nice to watch K & O developing such a great relationship with their aunt... a really beautiful thing for us to see. And watching K & O play with Zoe today was awesome -- it is sooooo fun to see them play together. It is like watching three little spark plugs all ignite at once and buzz around like crazy bouncing off of each other and sending sparks flying all over the place. All three of the Johnson-McCormick bambinos were sound asleep in their beds by 7:45 tonight -- exhausted from a near perfect summer day (would have been perfect if the weather had cooperated---- the thunderstorms sorta disqualify it from being a perfect day). Days like this are so sweet. I wish I could capture them and store them up in glass jars to take off the shelf and open up months later on bleak winter days.

[posted by Heather (even though it says this is posted by Braydon) -using Braydon's computer tonight because he's using mine]

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Anonymous said...

i must say today was picture perfect! we love you guys and must plan our next playdate -- *soon*.

i can't go without kissing my two favorite boys and of course my sweet meera who i think got enough kisses to last her till we see her again. i could just SQUEEZE her!

the petsch crew