Friday, July 25, 2008

Ultimate Act of Love

Kyle's special lovey, his 'Honey Bunny,' has been with Kyle since we gave it to him the day we met him. He slept with 'Hon Bun' that first night in the hotel in Haiti... and has never slept without it since. He's also never sat in an airplane without it, never taken a nap without it, never driven home from a weekend away without it, never been sick on the couch without it, etc., etc., etc. Every morning when he wakes up he carries Honey Bunny around the house with him for the first few minutes until he's acclimated to the day. So, when he came downstairs, found Meera in her chair, and then put his Hon Bun on Meera's lap for her to "hold," it was really the ultimate act of love.

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