Friday, August 15, 2008

Post from Last Year

I just took a second to see what we were posting about last year on this day. The post I wrote that day resonates so strongly with me today, one year later. Click here to see it. Today, because of something that Kyle said at lunch that I don't want to share on the blog, I'm thinking about this post from last July too.


Tracy R said...

Honestly Heather, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Kyle has memories of that time in the orphanage that he is now able to articulate. I think we all remember things from our infancy, whether it be as feelings or fears yet we aren't able to articulate them so they remain as feelings or fears that we react to. How absolutely wonderful that Kyle can remember something really good that happened to him, even though I'm sure he harbors some horrible memories, too.
My daughters were adopted domestically and we, too, have painful things that come up related not so much to memories, but the situation of adoption and their birthfamily. It's important (as you and Braydon have done) to create a place where it's safe to share things like memories and feelings. Again, I say Bravo to you for staying so open to your sons.
Tracy R.

Anonymous said...

I continue to be so impressed by you and your family in dealing with hard issues with your sons in such an open and honest way. One of my sons is adopted, one is not, and I remember an elementary school teacher telling me we shouldn't talk about it. I never understood why she said that (her 2 children were adopted) ant I chose not to listen to her. It was and is part of our fabric, part of life, and makes absolutely no difference in how I feel about my boys. I love them for who they are and why would I want certain parts of their lives to be hidden from them or others who care about them?

As to early memories, I have a memory from when I was about 7 months old and it's not a pleasant memory but I know it is a true one. There is no reason for me to remember it if it weren't. My mother would have been horrified and embarassed to know I remember that incident. It was never a story repeated like so many childhood memories are.

I hope you continue to find such joy in your children. You are special people to share it with us "lurkers". Thank you.