Monday, September 08, 2008

First Day of School!

Today was a huge day for us! Today was Kyle and Owen's first day of kindergarten at River Valley Waldorf School! They are in a 2-year, mixed-age kindergarten program for 4-5-6-year-olds. They are the second-youngest kids in the program but their teacher from last year thought they were ready, and we agreed they were. And even though they are two of the youngest kids, they are still the tallest! There are two classrooms (evenly split between age groups and gender) with two different sets of teachers in each class. And the biggest part of all: Kyle is in the Star Room, and Owen is in the Moon Room! Different classrooms! This. Is. Huge. It was a huge (huge huge huge huge huge huge huge) decision for Braydon and I. One that we spent many-a-night this summer discussing late into the wee hours (sometimes blurry-brained between marathon nursing sessions with baby Meera). Even though many people would probably not separate twins this early, we feel very confident that we're making the right decision for our boys with this. Over the past couple of weeks we've worked very hard to prepare K & O for this big thing--- and the first day of school was looming large. At first they were not at all thrilled about separate classrooms. But over the past few days they've become more and more excited about the idea. By this morning they were ready to go, totally ready. Still, Braydon and I were feeling anxious about how it would all play out. It went splendidly. Totally splendidly. They kissed each other good-bye and went off to their different rooms without looking back. As both of their teachers told me later... "it was fantastic and could not have gone any better!" I'll post more about this tomorrow, but now I've gotta go have a glass of wine with Braydon---- the gear-up for this day (the planning and prepping and shopping and packing and working-a-lot-with-the-boys-to-get-them-mentally/emotionally-ready) has been exhausting and now I'm really ready for the wine-down. ;)


Anonymous said...

Way to go K & O. We knew you could do it.

I remember my kiddos first day of school. They are a year apart so it wasn't too difficult for them, but I was teary eyed and very anxious.

Love and Hugs,

Keith said...

Big day! The kids grow up so fast, don't they?. Mine had his first day last week Tuesday (he loved it), and the school that I work at welcomed it's first kindergarten class the week before. Cheers to an awesome school year for all of our kindergarteners!

Anonymous said...

that is fantastic news. i'm so glad all went well. i was thinking about them wondering how it was going.


L said...

So exciting! I know exactly what you mean about being exhausted from all the mental, emotional and physical preparation of getting kids off to school. I guess our reward is a few hours a day of peace and quiet at home :)


Anonymous said...

I think it's a great decision to have them in separate classrooms. At my school they let twins be in the same kindergarten class, if the parents wish, and then split them up in 1st grade. I know your boys will have a fantastic year.

My mom always took photos of my sister and me before school and again after school. Those photos of us are hysterical!


glamah16 said...

This is so exicting. They grow up so fast.