Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Choice K & O Quotes from the Past Couple of Weeks

K (after golfing alone with Papi at Lehigh University Golf Team's new driving range and practice center): "Mommy, Lehigh is my favorite golf place. Papi hit the cart. The golf cart. He hit it when it was driving because he hit the ball so far. He's the best golfer in the whole wide world. No other kids were at the Lehigh golf. No other kids are ever at golf places. Just grown ups. But I'm there. I will practice my whole life and when I'm growned up I will be even as good golfer as Tiger Woods. That's how good my Papi is."

O (saying his prayers): "Dear God, I very very very very much want school to start. And thank you for my school. I really love it. And I really love Meera. And I really love my Kyle. And I really love Mommy and Papi. And I really love God. And I really love myself. And I really love everyone in my whole life. Amen."

K (acting up during dinner... I said, "Kyle! Where are your manners?!" and he responded...): "In my pocket."

O (out of the blue, at a totally random moment): "Mommy, what happens if I eat sand? Will a vacation grow in my mouth?"

K (at lunch after eating a big pile of bread and butter pickles): "Mommy, my heart melted when I ate those!"

O (while swinging on the swing set): "Are 'black people' people with brown skin? We are black? Am I black?"

K (completely seriously-- with no tone of sarcasm whatsoever-- in response to me asking him to go dump out the compost in the compost bin): "Sure Mom! I definitely can! I'll be happy to!!!"

O (about Meera, one day when he was watching me nurse her): "Mommy, she's so cute. She's. So. CUTE. She's so cute that sometimes I think I want her to be my lovey. I could cut her in half so Kyle can have her as his lovey too."

K (about Meera, one day when she was wearing a dress that he thought was really pretty): "She looks like a little princess!!! Mom, we really like her!"

O (during a discussion about the Tooth Fairy): "Mommy, is the tooth fairy a girl or a boy? Because I think it is a boy. But other people said it was a girl. But it is not. It is a boy. Right? Because all fairies are boys. Right? That's right. I know that is right. All fairies are boys."

K (sitting down for lunch one day): "Mommy! This looks like a wonderful lunch! This is absolutely delightful!!!"

O (stating the obvious): "Mommy, I like to wear pull-ups at night because then I can just pee right in my bed. And I don't even have to worry about it. Kyle wears no pull-up. But I like to wear it. And also Mommy, when I go poopie on the potty, I always, forever just want you to wipe my butt. Not me mommy, just you!"

K (stating the obvious): "Mommy, in my mind I am thinking that you are just like our server. You are a server mommy! A server to Kyle and Owen!"



stephanie garcia said...

These had me laughing out loud! You definitely have two funny little guys in your life!

Heza Hekele said...

Adorable! I wish I remembered to write down more of my kids funny statements. Kids can be such a riot, especially since they usually have no clue they are being funny.

Tony and Rett said...

What a riot! I would love to see their reaction when they read these comments as adults!

Your family makes me laugh. And it's always just when I need it. Thank you!

mayhem said...

You must crack up every single day at those boys!

My favorite is about keeping his manners in his pocket. I think my kiddos do the same!

Cate said...

My 10-year-old nephew came down the stairs yesterday, the first day of school, and said, "Summer is two-and-a-half months. School is nine. THIS is an OUTRAGE!" At which point he stomped back up the stairs to get ready.

My brother-in-law, leaned over to my sister and say, "When should we break the news to him that eventually you don't get summer vacation anymore?"

Ani said...

i thought the fairy observation was by far the best, UNTIL i got to the last 2... man, i was laughing out loud! they are definitely a pair of smarty pants - in a good way!

Claudia and John said...

Welcome back. We missed you all. Know that you are still in our prayers.

We absolutely loved K & O's outlook on things. They have a wonderful view on life and every day happenings. I wish that I wrote down the things my kiddos said when they were wee ones.

By the way we loved the pictures too. You all are such a happy, lovely family. Little Meera is growing into such a big girl.

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite is Owen's prayer. What a blessing that he feels so good about everyone in his life.


manaallamano said...

here I was feeling sad my baby is about to turn two and now I am looking forward to the next phase...the last comment and the "lovely, cut in half" comment are awesome. What great boys you have.


Karen Vitek said...

I am going to start eating sand, always have pockets on my clothes and remember that kids really do love school (sometimes as teachers we forget ;-)! I know they give you a run for the money but their comments are gems!! When David was 5 years old at his well-child check-up the doctor asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Without missing a beat he said, "Supreme ruler of the universe." That's my Dave and he's going to be 15 on Saturday. And for supper he wants his favorite meal: my homecooked mac and cheese, kielbasa and peas, Ma don't forget the peas!! Really enjoy them because they grow up way too fast!!

wendy said...

What a hoot they both are! :-)

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet

guspiv said...

OMG They are too funny!

Holli said...


insanemommy said...

OMG Heather, that was the funniest ever. I especially liked the pickle story. And the server.... OM you got yourself two funny little boys.....