Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tree Photo Poll Results

Well, the results are in. Photo #3 won by a close margin! You can see it on the sidebar of the blog now! I personally liked #4 and #1 the best, but my mom agreed with the readership on #3, so #3 it is. As promised... here are a few of the rejects. It was very hard to narrow this down to just a few since we have about 50 that would be post-worthy rejects. But here are the top six:

Reject 1: 'This is NOT Fun'


Reject 2: 'Fake Smiles (and Meera is slipping)'

Reject 3: 'Eyes Closed'


Reject 4: 'She's Crying'


Reject 5: 'After a Short Break for her to Re-Gain Her Composure She's Losing It Again'


Reject 6: 'It is One Thing For You to Do This to Us, It is Another Thing For You to Do This to Our Sister'


mary said...

The picture before the last one is very cute. They both have that concerned look on their face!

Brittany said...

That last one is adorable. They're totally going to be those big brothers that are overprotective of little sis and hassle all of her dates.

Anonymous said...


Kathy said...

Very nice.

Ani said...

Reject #5 is priceless - they both look a bit concerned that baby girl is crying... again...
Love the pics, thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Your photos are so cute!!! They look like very protective brothers! :)