Monday, October 27, 2008


Lately I've noticed that things are changing around here. Big things. Like, the boys seem to be outgrowing their obsession/addiction to macaroni and cheese. Six months ago I never in a million years would have ever thought I'd see the day. But there are times now that they don't finish the entire box of Annie's Shells and Cheese in one sitting. And sometimes they actually choose something else over macaroni when given the choice. Strange, but true. Strange, but true. Another example... the trash truck guys. For a good solid couple of years now the boys have been totally into them. They worshipped the ground our garbage truck guys walked on. They waited all week for trash day. There was nothing they loved more than chatting with the garbage guys at the end of our driveway. For goodness sake, they even exchanged Christmas presents with them for the past two years. But I've noticed that lately they have eyes for another man. Dave. Our yard guy. It seems that the trash truck guys are slowly but surely on their way out. And Dave is in. Big time in. Dave is now their Hero. With a capital H. There is nothing they love more than watching him mow. They talk to him at length about his machinery. They talk with each other at length about him. They pretend to be him. And just like the garbage truck guys, Dave seems to be slightly enamored with the boys and/or their idolization of him. I mean really, who wouldn't get an ego trip out of this? So, it is out with the old, in with the new. I suppose we just have to roll with it. The times, they are a changin'.


Chapter Two Manmi said...

K&O even look bigger and older in these pictures. They seem to be stretching taller. Is it just the pics or as it seems?
They are amazing in their ability to pick up new skills in an instant. And oh so handsome they both are. You're going to have to fight their suitors off someday, if not already.
Much love!

Ema said...


I realize that you are prone to withholding some of the parts of your lives. . .which of course is totally understandable.

But I was wondering- did you ever get pictures of the baby wearing the outfits that the boys picked out for her? In your new blog photo, is that the outfit Kyle picked out?

And didn't Owen pick out a green dress/sweater set? Or am I off base. I am asking because my oldest son just brought my daughter, his sister the sweetest dress. . .and I for whatever reason thought of your boys. . .

Just wondering, or does my support of McCain mean I do not get to see the outfits :( ;) :)

Heather said...

Hi Ema! I'll answer your question only if you switch your vote to Obama.
Here's the answer:
I can't believe you remembered that about the boys picking out the dresses!!! Kyle's dress is the jean jumper Meera is wearing in the current photo at the top of our blog. Owen's dress is the white embroidered one that Meera is wearing in the 2008 "tree photo" on the left side bar of our blog. Yes, Owen's had a pale green sweater with it, but it was too hot that day for Meera to wear the sweater. :)
Thanks for remembering!!!!
Here's to big brothers who pick out dresses for their sisters!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but to giggle thinking about how K&O are most likely the only audience that Dave has all day. You can tell by the pictures they are truly fascinated with his work! Such a sweet story.

Quintus kommt an Bord! said...

I am grateful for every story about the twins, because I am thinking about writing about my kid too on the net. I try and read your motivation for writing about them. Just read the hair part....I can see it as well... why you write. And honestly you do a lot to make people understand the beauty of adoption. That is what I would love to do.
Thanks for your inspiration!
(going to Ethiopia 2nd. of december to pick up a 4year old superstar!)