Tuesday, October 28, 2008


For anyone following the world series it won't be a suprise, but it rained (and snowed a little of all things) here last night and today like crazy. So like crazy that rivers and streams are dramatically swollen and flowing.

On the way to the boys' school we drive along (and the road has recently reopened from it's 2005 flood disaster) a beautiful stretch of road (route 32 for those interested) that passes along a 100 foot cliff for about a mile that the Delaware gouged out eons ago. It's beautiful on normal days, and spectacular today. We stopped to take a look, Meera and I stayed in the car, but Heather, Kyle, and Owen got out---- and K & O could not resist putting their heads under the falls.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh what fun and a beautiful picture. I just love waterfalls.

Ani said...

What an amazing sight!

Loved the pics of Meera, she is just a beautiful, beautiful baby girl!

Kathy said...

Beautiful scenery.