Saturday, November 01, 2008

Golf at 8:30

The boys out grew their golf clubs and I had to get them new ones.  And now that they are a little older, I couldn't simply get new clubs, I had to get the beginner bag too (sheesh). The package arrived yesterday in a box truck that was white (this fact is important to Kyle).

This morning, Kyle was so excited about them that off we went at 8:30 to the Lehigh University Golf complex for some driving range fun.

There are no distance markers on the range, but safe to say Kyle is hitting it about 60-70 yards now. He's struggling a bit with keeping his focus, but for goodness sake, he's only 4.  Owen is turning into quite the putter. From extended distances he can pretty easily and consistently 3-putt; which is about where I am.

K&O at the range

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