Sunday, November 09, 2008

Haiti Stuff for the Under 5 Set

Nikki left a comment on the post below asking for tips for fun Haiti-related stuff for young kids.
My favorite is a Haiti Coloring Book called Bel Peyi Mwen: A Children's Coloring Book of Haiti.
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There are some good children's books out there that pay tribute to Haiti. I have found, however, that they aren't generally geared to very young children. And the truth is that the ones we have are still sitting on the upper shelf waiting for when K & O are a bit older. We have a great book that they love, though, that is not focused on Haiti per se, but is still terrific for Haitian kids. It is Caribbean Dream by Rachel Isadora. Awesome illustrations!
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Another great tip from us to you is Haitian musical instruments, art (paintings, crafts, etc.), and jewelry. Some of this can be great for young kids. We have a bunch of instruments from Haiti that K & O love. And they like to look at jewelry, etc. that we have from Haiti. And we have art/crafts from Haiti on the walls and shelves all over our house. Look for places online that sell Haitian-made stuff. Just start googling and searching and you'll eventually start finding things. One site I love is "Konny's Korner" --
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Let us know if you find great Haitian stuff for young kids too!!! :) HBJ


Nikki said...

That is awesome- thanks so much! Jodnel is only three but I think he would looove some of that stuff! I am going to check out the links now- thanks again!

Chuck and Juli said...

Thanks for the great links, Heather. I have an adopted twin question for you...

Our boys recently came home and I've been asked a few times who is older, meaning who was born first. We don't know which son was born first.

Is this a question you encounter, and if so, do you know that detail of their birth, and if not, how do you answer? I'm not even sure how we'll answer this question coming from the boys once they are old enough to wonder about such things.

Thanks for any insight...


Malia'sMama said... and

Heather, these two are good for young ones :)

bondye beni ou ak bèl fanmi ou

Leslie said...

Just wanted to back you up on Carribean Dreams. I got this book for our daughter too. We haven't really started reading it because she's only 9.5 months old, but it's great. It's generic enough that it's not about any one particular place in the Caribbean, but it's specific enough to share some of the things that we do see here in Haiti. It's a beautiful and simple book.