Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Big Happenings

Meera is loving standing! She is completely unmotivated to sit and/or crawl, but extremely interested in standing up and wants to do it all day long. She's also suddenly (like in the past 3-4 days) very communicative about her wants/needs. (Not always a pretty sight/sound). She's a girl who (at least for now) knows how to get her way. Her brothers, especially, tend to be willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy her every whim at any moment (at least for now). This evening at dinner, for example, Ky Ky chugged a full cup of milk faster than imaginable in order to quickly give his cup to Meera because she was screeching and screaming for it at the top of her lungs. In other news, K & O had a big, big day today. They each had their very first individual play date. After school Kyle went to Sarah's house, and Owen went to Jason's house. This is big. Anyone with twins will get it. Not sure if others will get the significance of this. Anyway, take it from me--- it is big. Big, big happenings. Like I said in my last post, life is moving way too fast right now.


Anonymous said...

Hey standing little girl!
How does it feel for you to see your boys "go seperate ways"?

Leslie said...

Wow--lots of growing going on!!

Ani said...

She's gonna love the exersau.cer toy!!!!