Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Story

The boys are extremely interested in the Christmas Story. Kyle is particularly obsessed in his usual theological way; he wants to understand everything. The most difficult question I've fielded so far is:  "What happened before Jesus was born?"

But there is something just so sweet about both their excitement about the Christmas Story.  I don't mean Christmas the fun and exciting Santa holiday, I mean the Christmas story itself.  They seem to get it, they seem to revel in it, it feels like it has meaning for them.

And that is beautiful.

I found Heather narrating the birth of Jesus to our boys to the other day. The images tell it better than any words.

story of christmas 1

story of christmas 2

story of christmas 3

story of christmas 4


Ani said...

I love the wonder in their eyes.

The Santa letters are priceless, if they get their wish you're going to have a VERY VERY VERY noisy household come Christmas day :)

MorMor said...

In their pj's with mommy telling the Christmas story - it doesn't get more beautiful than that. The boys are listening so intently to the story... I love it.

Mark and Sarah said...

Wow, they look so quiet and focused. Sounds like a great telling of the Christmas Story. Beautiful how they are so grounded without even knowing it!

Anonymous said...

I love the rapt and inquisitive attention. You can tell that they are soaking the Christmas story up. How sweet.

Love and Hugs,