Sunday, December 28, 2008

We're Back!!!

We're back from Christmas in New Hampshire!
We'll post about the trip once we've unpacked and looked through all the pictures!


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

L.O.V.E the new blog header. :)

kristen said...

heather and braydon - i have been following your blog for sometime now as hubby and i are very interested in adopting from haiti as i thought i couldn't have biological kids... well guess what, i am pregnant with identical twins! at any rate, i wanted to ask if your family had any gender neutral twin items you would not mind sharing!

Claudia and John said...

Love the new header. Welcome back and hope you all had a wonderful and enjoyable Christmas.

Love and Hugs,

Heather said...

Having found your blog through the Livesays through my friends the Sextons, it's great to read about your family. I aspire to adopt and I appreciate learning how your family addresses racial prejudices. The obvious majority of brown boys in the American foster care system breaks my heart and I look forward to the day I can raise a few of them. While this was in my thoughts long before I found your blog, I'm glad to know that similar families are thriving. Have you ever thought about publishing a book about your experiences?

Safiya said...

Merry Christmas Johnson-McCormicks!

Prof. J, I'm sneaking this moment to quietly peck out this note to you as my 20-day-old little girl fights sleep.

My husband and I welcomed Little Miss JuLin almost three weeks ago after 52 hours of labor ended in an emergency section (sound vaguely familiar?). She was a healthy 9lbs 4oz and 21" long. Needless to say, Christmas had a much deeper, more real meaning for our new little family this year.

Anyway, I promised you pictures!

I haven't updated it in a few days, but it'll do I'm sure.

I also wanted to add thatI thought of you last week...when my husband (who's always made known his desire to adopt) asked me if I'd be OK adopting a white child. My answer - that I wouldn't be comfortable - surprised me, but when I really thought about the reasons behind my response I wondered: does Prof. J offer a refresher course?

Anyway, I'll go now...I hope to hear from you soon. Happy New Year!

Jen S. said...

OMG--LOVE the new header photo! Just adorable. Happy New Year! Love you!

Anonymous said...


Love you,
Catherine Makeda
Old Year's Day, 2008