Thursday, January 22, 2009

End of First Week With Our New Nanny

So, we've made it through our first week with Margie (she does not come on Fridays, so today was her last day this week). It went better than I ever would have expected. Yay for us! I cannot even articulate the relief and happiness this gives me! Today Braydon worked from home. Here is a little email correspondence between us from late morning:

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 10:59 [11:29 AM EST]
From: Heather Johnson
To: Braydon Johnson-McCormick
Subject: ?

How is it going there? I'm *so* curious what you're observing w/ Margie.hbj

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 11:29 [11:29 AM EST]
From: Braydon Johnson-McCormick
To: Heather Johnson

Subject: Re: ?
Hi -
I have to say - it's going great here. Meera slept for 2 hours and happily chatted in her crib for 20 minutes. While she slept Margie cleaned. Like really cleaned. Dusting, moving things, cleaning behind. Like she lived her. Like what we would do if we were cleaning for a couple hours a day. Taking it easy, but doing it right. It's great.
And Meera is very happy. She's smiling and comfortable with Margie. She was delighted to see me when I went out and saw her after her nap, but she seems really happy and comfortable.
So far I am feeling really good about it all!

Meera did splendidly all week, napping for Margie every morning and afternoon without any issues. The boys are struggling to adjust to a new set of rules and a new style, etc. but they already show much love toward Margie and the bond is growing by the day. They have done as well as any two four year olds could be expected to do during their first week with a new Nanny. Margie seems to truly love all three kids already. Which seems, to me at least, like a miracle. And our house is cleaner than it has EVER (ever!) been. For real. As for Braydon and I... we're on Cloud 9 and very, very optimistic.

Tonight after Margie left we surprised the boys and announced that we were going to go out to Carrabas (their favorite restaurant) for dinner to celebrate "End of First Week With Our New Nanny." They were beside themselves with the thrill of this (we very rarely go out to dinner with them these days because their bedtimes -- and Meera's -- are so early). These pictures are terrible (taken with Braydon's cell phone), but at least they are something, and hopefully they show a bit of how fun it was for us and what a celebration it was. End of First Week With Our New Nanny and all is well. :)


Mark and Sarah said...

OMG...she cleans too!?!? Incredible. Can you send her to my house? So lucky. I'm so happy for you guys. What a huge weight lifted.

Elyssium Earth said...

I'd give anything to be Margie!!! Fair few logistical problems there but hey, had to say it. And it's way easier to clean when you're "at work". So glad you're feeling good about it!!

Adopting1Soon said...

OMG, she CLEANS??? How much does she cost? Seriously, I have to think about either day care or a nanny, and I'd love to know the difference in prices. Does she cook too? You are sooooo lucky!!!