Thursday, January 08, 2009

More from the "Stuff-You-Probably-Shouldn't-Let-Your-Four-Year-Olds-Do" File

The other day the boys were playing outside while I was in with Meera. I got her down for her nap, then headed out to check on them. This is what I found.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh my. Heather and Braydon you both have such sweet and adventurous boys. They sure keep you both on your toes.

I probably have mentioned this before, but K & O keep us in stitches.

You both are such wonderful parents and wouldn't want any of you any other way. You all are such an inspiring family. Keep up all that you do.

Love and Hugs,

Mom to 3 said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!!! I love their sense of adventure and creativity. I'm sure you have never heard them say they are bored or can't find anything to do!! Love it!