Sunday, January 11, 2009

MorFar Comes to Visit!

Every once in a while if my dad is on a business trip that takes him to our area, he'll go out of his way to come for a visit. These times are very special because we get MorFar all to ourselves and vice-versa. I love these visits!!! He arrived last night after the 3 bambinos were asleep. We had an awesome just-us-three-adults dinner with lamb chops that he brought. Then, this morning, it was a huge surprise to K & O when they woke up to find MorFar here. We hung out at home all morning then went out to Cosi for lunch before he left. We love MorFar.

P.S. click on the photo above to enlarge -- check out the top teeth coming in on Little Miss!!!


Malia'sMama said...

Hey! They look alike :)

Anonymous said...

You can see the "big girl" face that Meera will have in that second picture. She is obviously going to a be a knockout like her mom. I'm not forgetting the smart and creative like her brothers either!


Anonymous said...

what a sweet picture! how funny, we went to cosi for dinner. :)


Christina said...

Grrr. Our little guy is 15 months and still no top teeth. Share your secret! :)

Cristina y Diego said...

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Abuela Beauty said...

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Anonymous said...

Awww how cute she is. You can see MorFar in Meera's face. Love the little teeth peeking through.

Love and Hugs,

Mom to 3 said...

The picture of her with MorFar is fabulous!! Such love in both of their faces. She is adorable--love the teeth poking through. I cried when mine got their teeth because it was just one more step away from babyhood. I miss those gummy baby smiles.