Thursday, January 15, 2009

The sweet boy

Heather has been back at work for three days now. During the past three days, until our normal childcare routine sets in, I have been the stay-at-home taking care of the kids. Of course, not really a stay-at-home since it's only been three days, not forever, or even the 7 months that Heather was off. But, I will say this - it's been a really good experience.

Dropping the boys off, being with Meera in the morning (especially since she wouldn't nap - poor baby - my guess is that she was worried about where mama was), picking the boys up, hanging out in the afternoon (we made cookies today, not much yesterday and made "Curious George Rides a Bike" boats on Monday) and getting ready for mommy's return at 4:30. It has been really good bonding and has given me a deep appreciation for the importance of spending a lot of time with our kids.

Now, to be perfectly honest, for all the good it has been, and how short it is in reality, it's been quite a bit for me. Call me wimpy or whatever, it's tough. And when I picked up the boys at school today, I was pretty exasperated, particularly with Owen.

He is a handful. A big personalitied, kinetic, charismatic, million miles an hour, not-minding-his-papi, laughing louder than necessary, not putting his shoes on, handful. And when I was holding Meera, trying to get Kyle into his boots, coat, hat, sled (they each brought to school for sledding) and get his things ready to go, I was clearly showing the signs of a papi at the end of his rope.

Seeing this, his wonderful teacher then told me this story:

"Yesterday, when we were all outside sledding, I fell down and hurt myself. I was climbing up the hill and it was so icy, and every time I started back up, I fell down on my face. It happened over and over. Then I looked up and saw this hand outstretched to me. It was Owen. I took it, and he is so strong, and he helped me right up.

He was the only one who noticed. It meant so much to me."

That is Owen.


M3 said...

That story from the teacher made me a little teary (and I am SO not a crier). Wonderful story, and wonderfully tuned in dad too for recognizing it. :-)

Kristine said...

I agree...such a sweet boy who will grow up to be a perfect gentleman.

Anonymous said...

I love students like that. What a wonderful moment for her to share that with you.

Hang in there, Papi.


Maggie said...

Such a touching story...I miss you all! Good luck with this transition. :)

Anonymous said...

That really and truly is Owen. From the very beginning he has always focused on the world outside. But while we were in Chinatown Kyle offered me a taste of his drink when he noticed that I didn't have one. They're both amazing.


Malia'sMama said...

Aw, Papi, that's beautiful!

Mark said...

Great story. Your blog is the best. It inspired me to make one though it will never compare. You have an awesome family, every one of you. You'll never regret this special, exhausting time with those precious children who are already reflecting great character.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful story about Owen! It sounds like his teacher is a wise person.