Thursday, February 05, 2009

K & O's Latest Twinspeak

  • a "headbird" = a quarter (as in the coin; not 'heads or tails' but 'head or bird')
  • a "flying sausage" = a flying saucer (as in the type of sled)
  • a "barracuda" = a big wave (as in 'the big kahuna')
  • an "invitation party" = a party that you get invited to via a formal, on-paper, invitation
  • a "big crunch" = a big chunk of parmesan cheese (note: parmesan cheese only; if speaking of any other type of cheese --or any other of anything for that matter-- they say, a "big chunk")
  • "lickitty" (as in, "Let's make it lickitty!") = to stir up your ice cream until it is liquidy/soupy
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Maggie said...

love it!!! :)