Friday, February 13, 2009

To understand the motivation for Braydon's post below, please see the comments section of the post "Brief Notes on the Balancing Act" (click here).


Heather said...

Wow. Those were some harsh and unnecessary comments made there. I read that pot earlier today and thought how lucky your kids are.

You give them as much as you can AND find a healthy outlet for feeling tired and possibly overwhelmed at times.

Some uneducated [and I mean this not only academically but experientially as well] people can only think one-dimensionally. Children with PARENTS that have lives outside the home are exceptionally lucky. They get the best of both worlds. Parents who are rich, diverse and more than one layer. And when those parents love coming home, the family experiences win-win situations.

Along with all that richness comes some tired days and psychological juggling, but you guys are doing aren't you? And your doing a great job.

Lucie said...

I've really enjoyed the debate on your blog!
The bottom line is everyone chooses
to live their life in a different
There is no right way to do it-
I chose to stay at home- to start
over I might have kept working
at least part time.
You are making the best decision
for your family right now-
If problems arise you will find
You will look back on child raising decisions and wonder
why you chose them but if it
feels right at the time -
Go for it!
My kids barely remember anything
before the age of 5- so as
long as they are loved and cared for you are doing a good job.

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

I have done both - (worked full time and stayed home full time) I loved both - found value and purpose in both - understand that we are all only able to be where we are for that moment in time and we all do what seems right for that season.

I don't regret working - I think you can separate feeling sad about leaving your kids from calling it regret --- no matter what you choose you make a sacrifice of some sort.

That's the hard part about being a Mom and a Dad ... but it is SO worth it! I would hate not to have hard choices to make ... we're blessed to have children and career options -- some never get to have either of those!