Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photo of the Day

Owen has been sick since Friday. I think it was the flu. We don't get flu shots. Maybe we should! His fever was 102-104 consistently all weekend. The highest we got was 105.7, with an ear thermometer. Other than the fever, and a complete loss of appetite (ah, the irony! Food Week!), he showed no other symptoms. But then again, this kid has the highest pain tolerance of any human being I've ever known (and that is coming from a Mama who labored on Pitocin for 9 hours with NO DRUGS WHATSOEVER!!!!!)... so who really knows!? Anyway, his fever broke in the night Sunday-Monday. We kept him home from school yesterday to recover. Today he went back to school with Kyle and started eating semi-normally again. So now we're trying to get life back on track for the whole family (and hoping hoping hoping that nobody else gets it). In a desperate attempt to get Owen to eat something --anything!-- on Sunday morning Braydon bought him these Breyers pomegranate popsicles that it turns out Owen absolutely adores. His favorite is the mango-pomegranate, but he's happy with any of them. From Friday-Monday he basically survived on these popsicles and these popsicles alone. I think he lost at least 3-4 pounds (3-4 pounds that this 0%-body-fat boy cannot afford to lose). Owen's sickness has done a number on the whole family, actually. We're all out of whack. Me especially. I slept with him Saturday and Sunday nights. To say that I got very little sleep is the understatement of the year. Braydon and I are currently running on empty. With no obvious place in sight to refuel. So, we're gonna try to get some sleep tonight and we'll start answering all the Food Week Questions tomorrow or the next day. Cheers from the crazy whacked out J-M household!


Haitian-American Family of Three said...

That is very scary, those high fevers trip me out!

Heather said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Glad to hear he's on the up-n-up and hope the rest of you stay well.

Deirdre said...

So sorry! I hope Owen starts feeling better soon, and I hope mom and dad are able to catch up someway, somehow.