Sunday, April 26, 2009

Auntie Sabrina's Birthday!

Saturday Braydon's side of the family came to visit so that we could all celebrate Sabrina's birthday together. Even though it was for Sabrina's birthday, Kyle and Owen were so excited about it that you would have thought it was for their birthday! As usual, they could not get enough of Sabrina! And it was really special to have Grandpa Robert (all the way from Georgia), and Gamma (all the way from Massachusetts) with us. It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful summery day... so much so that we got to sit outside on the porch of The Cafe (Sabrina's favorite is Thai, which gave us a great opportunity to go to our favorite local Thai place!). We had the porch to ourselves and it was truly about as wonderful as it could possibly, possibly get. Kyle and Owen were especially-ultra-adorable and pulled out all of their best-moves to charm the socks off of everyone around (including waitstaff, hostess, manager, etc.)... but especially Sabrina. They 'secretly' (with just a little help from their mommy) snuck inside the restaurant after dinner to arrange to have candles (that they 'secretly' brought from home by sneaking them into Meera's diaper bag) put on Sabrina's dessert... and then they proudly walked out with the server to present the dessert surprise to Sabrina, singing 'Happy Birthday.' I don't know who the moment was more sweet for --- Sabrina, or Kyle-and-Owen. They were so into it. The whole drive home they serenaded Auntie Sabrina with impromptu love songs made up on-the-spot just for her. They have a knack for making somebody feel like a million bucks. Happy Birthday Sabrina! Oh, and I've just to squeeze this in somehow---- Meera shared Braydon's pad thai with him... and loved it (very cute to see a 10 month old eating pad thai by the fistful!)

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Sabrina McCormick said...

I LOVE these photos! Thanks for such a great birthday. It was so so lovely.