Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Blueberry Pancakes for Supper

We're smack in the middle of the Marathon Birthday Week. It feels like the never-ending birthday. Not to mention, it is also a crazy work week for Braydon and none other than Final Exam Week (grading, grading, grading, and wrap up the entire year) for Heather. Oh, and there is also the little detail of Meera now coming down with a runny nose/cold. And it has been raining for the past six days straight. Great. Life is just a tad too full here right now. We're still trying to unwind from the Bigger Than Big Birthday Bash (not easy to unwind from something like that!), but making that even more challenging is that we sit in limbo because excitement is holding constant for two boys about to turn five on Friday. As they remind us daily, May 8 is their "Actual Birthday" and that is also their "School Birthday." (which means "cupcakes for school" sits amongst about a zillion other items on my never-ending NEEDS TO GET DONE ASAP list). I feel like we're in a crazy revved up airplane right now, just circling in the sky together in a small enclosed space, just waiting to land. Tonight we made blueberry pancakes and bacon together and the five of us tried to get grounded at the mid-week point. It was successful; the evening was soothing and emotions seemed to stabilize just a bit... which is good. We need all the grounding we can get right now. On a separate note: Meera loved eating her first-ever blueberry pancakes tonight but we think that her oh-so-fair-skinned baby face-and-hands might now be permanently stained bluish/purplish (the photo of her above was taken after washing her up).

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Mark and Sarah said...

Sending you some stillness and peace in the weeks ahead. I'm hoping you guys have one of you family trips planned for this month as a respite for all the craziness of the last months. Hang in's Wednesday...only 3 days until the weekend!!!