Saturday, May 02, 2009

Snapshots of a BIG Weekend

MorMor and MorFar arrived Thursday afternoon for one of the biggest weekends of our year -- Kyle and Owen's Birthday Party Weekend. The boys have been counting down the sleeps to this day for weeks now. I do not think that their birthday could possibly be any bigger of a deal to them. And let's face it, twin boys turning 5... really, it doesn't get much bigger than that. And now, finally, the long anticipated time is upon us! My parents arriving Thursday marked the start of a week-long marathon birthday celebration! And, of course, amongst the birthday events we also have a ton of other stuff going on too. Miscellaneous snapshots of the past couple of days:

Friday, 8:12 am: MorFar and the boys are ready to head off to school. Papi left the house at 5:30am for a big work meeting in the city. So, special day!-- the boys get to have MorFar drop them off at school! (obvious note: Red Sox)
Friday, 10:41 am: MorMor and MorFar head out to Grandparents and Special Friends Day at River Valley Waldorf School... complete with picnic baskets and picnic blankets and coffee (!).
Saturday, 7:04 am: The boys opened their birthday present from MorMor and MorFar at 7:00. Here they are riding it in the garage just minutes later! (click to enlarge)
Saturday,9:02 am: While playing baseball in the driveway, Owen slammed one right into the Pitcher's (a.k.a. MorFar's) right eye. Nice. Nothing like getting a black eye from playing baseball with your four-year-old grandsons (yes, they're still technically four until May 8, and yes, I'm in denial that they're turning five). Here's MorFar with ice on his eye. The ice and some ibuprofen served him well--- the injury is now barely visible (we're shocked because, based on how it looked when it first happened, we thought for sure this would be a really bad shiner).
Saturday, 9:21 am: Meera is not yet walking independently, but is quickly becoming very mobile. She gets more and more mobile by the hour. The past couple days she's made tremendous progress.
Saturday, 12:56 pm: Little Miss, Braydon, and MorMor at MayFaire at the boys' school.
Saturday, 2:43 pm: MayFaire-- Kyle picks a surprise from one of the Pocket Fairy's pockets.
Saturday, 6:41 pm: Watching the Kentucky Derby. Meera already in bed asleep.
Saturday, 10:48 pm: Things are in good shape for tomorrow~~~
the Bigger Than Big 5th Birthday Bash.


Momof3 said...

What is that thing that they were riding called?

And where did MorFar and MorMor get it from?

My kids would love that!

Mark and Sarah said...

What FUN!!! How exciting for you and the boys. We can't wait to hear about the BIG party!!

Ani said...

how exciting. hope the birthday party is all they wish for and more!

laurafingerson said...

That spinny ridey thing from Mormor and Morfar? Unbelievable! And, that is one of the best things about being twins. There is always a playmate to ride it with!

MorMor said...

What a great weekend we had! The boys were so very happy and fun to be with all weekend. We had a blast! The gift we got the twins is called a Whurlybird Flyer. We ordered it online from Magic Cabin. (I use the Magic Cabin online catalogue a lot. Super great toys and gifts for kids.)
We try to get a BIG gift every year for their birthday so it's a expensive but super fun!

Another one trying to become a parent said...

Your blog is brillant and your family gorgeous and full of love. Thanks for inspiring me I am also on the journey.