Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Kick-Off

Even though the boys still have two weeks of school left, we feel like summer has unofficially begun. Our pool is open (as long as the sun is shining and it is half-way warm out, the boys are swimming, swimming, swimming and Meera is right there with them); our sunroom is now the most lived-in room of the house; and our grill is grilling a lot more than the rest of the year. This is, definitely, our favorite time of the year. And it makes us wonder why we don't live in a warmer climate 12 months of the year. Anyway... the real kick off to summer is when we start hanging out with friends on weekend afternoons, sipping margaritas, and husking corn. Our favorite family, the Petsch Crew, came over on Saturday and we did just that. Man, do we love them. And man, oh man, the kids were so dang cute getting the corn ready to cook. With two sets of boy-boy twins (K&O, Christian&Luis), a go-getter girl (Zoe), and a now toddling baby (M), we four "grown ups" have our hands full when we get together. But after a couple of Braydon's true-Mexico-margs, and some of Shelli's bean dip... all is good. Of course, as usual, Lori posted to her blog before I got to ours. ;) See her post here.

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Lori said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!