Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1st Mother-Daughter Day

On Sunday while the boys were having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES (at the Red Sox game in Philly with my dad and Braydon), big things were happening here at home too. First of all, I just have to mention, it was sooooooo quiet. It is so quiet without K & O here. So very, very quiet. But the big deal was that with them all gone for the day, Meera and I had our first opportunity for a real Mother-Daughter Day. My mom and I have always had these from time to time over the years. I love them at age 36 as much as I did when I was 16. And I really want Meera to be able to have those kind of days too--- for my mom and I these days mean things like pedicures and having coffee and going out to lunch and maybe to a movie or to a concert. Often they involve a new pair of shoes. They always involve food. They are days that don't necessarily have a big agenda (although they might); the only priority is some time together alone. Of course over the past year Meera and I have spent a lot of time alone. But Sunday was our first real Mother-Daughter Day. Our first stop (and only real agenda item) was to get her 1-Year-Old-Portrait taken. We went and had it done, and it was a huge success. The photos are adorable. She was, in true Meera form, a perfect angel for the portrait-taking-session (when is she not a perfect angel?!? she's so completely absolutely ridiculously angelic that is is surreal). Next we went out to lunch together (we shared a chicken souvlaki pita with tziki sauce; we both loved it). And then we strolled around in and out of shops-- including a shoe store for a new pair of shoes for her (the sandals she's wearing in photo below), coffee for me, and some other things we are keeping between us (note: part of Mother-Daughter Days is that you don't necessarily divulge the whole truth about all of the purchases you might have made to the men of the household). Anyway, we had a very, very good time. Such a good time that she fell asleep in the car on the way home. I took this picture just as I was carrying her into the house:

It was a sweet day that ended with her current favorite meal for supper (strawberries, cheese, brown rice, and a jar of Earth's Best Spinach & Potatoes... the only baby food still remaining in her life-- she still loves the stuff), then a leisurely bath, before I rocked her to sleep for the night (something I don't do every night but was happy to do that night as we had the whole house, all quiet and peaceful, all to ourselves). I am hopeful that we'll have many Mother-Daughter Days in the years to come. I'll be grateful for each and every one.

(There is something about the two photos below -- both taken very early this past spring -- that make me feel as if I can almost see glimpses of who Meera will become in the future)


Mark and Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing about your special day. What a neat start to a new (old) tradition! What a lucky pair you two are!

Jess said...

so sweet!

Lori said...

That is my most favorite thing ... Zoe & Mommy days are the best ever. I also LOVE the ones I spend with my mom. PRICELESS!!!