Friday, June 05, 2009

Photos of Today


Emmers said...

Question - randomly - How tall are the boys, and how tall do you think they will be as adults? I am not sure what kind of information you have about their birth mother, so I guess you can't really know how tall they will be unless they are really tall for their age now. I dont know why I was thinking about this - I think because I was talking to a friend who was adopted as an infant, and who plans to adopt in the future, about that kind of thing. She was always pretty short for her age, and has remained short in adult hood, but we talked about expectations about adopted kids, especially physical ones, because really, with no background information, its hard to predict. Anyway, just wondering. looks like you guys got a lot of rain, and it hasnt slowed the boys one bit!! I am ready for the rain to stop haha!

Maggie said...

That is a MASSIVE puddle!!! And Meera is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!