Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poor Baby

Today all three of the J-M bambinos got owies. Meera's was by far the worst. The boys got theirs from a massive scooter collision (scrapes and bruises on their knees and legs and elbows and arms... what else is new? scrapes and bruises on their knees and legs and elbows and arms are a daily occurrence for those two). Meera got hers from trying to learn to walk. And scrapes and bruises are definitely not a daily occurrence for her. She was standing up on her own, holding onto my legs, as we were standing in the driveway saying goodbye to Margie at the end of the day. And then she fell. Hard. Smack on the side of her face onto the pavement. We heard her head hit the ground and it sounded bad. And it was bad. This stuff is bound to happen when you're learning to walk. And this is just the first of many scrapes and bruises, I'm sure. But still... poor baby. And I felt terrible that I wasn't watching more closely to catch her when she fell (and the boys did not help with that; they berated me for the entire time she was crying). Anyway, this photo was taken shortly after the fall. It looked worse and worse as the evening progressed. To the point where when we were washing her face after dinner it was not clear what was bruises and what was blueberry stains. I'm not at all looking forward to the looks of it when she wakes up in the morning. Poor baby.


Leslie said...

Oh, those first walking bumps and scrapes! Our girl took her first steps on the grass, thankfully because there were plenty of tumbles. And the sounds of falling I think are sometimes worse than the falls. Our floors are all concrete and tile and our walls are all concrete, you can imagine what that sounds like.

Hope most of it was blueberries and not bruises.

Lori said...

Oh Meera... You've got to be careful. I know you want to run and play with your brothers but you've got to take it one careful step at a time. I love you!


Gail said...

When Braydon was 18 months old, he jammed a fork in the toaster and got a shock. The same week he pulled the iron down from the ironing board while I was ironing and burned himself. And within the next week, he climbed on a chair and fell head first onto the floor. No concussion. He was a very slippery customer, moved so fast you could not possibly keep up. You can hope that Meera hasn't inherited that side of her father. I still feel guilty even though he wasn't seriously injured.

But clearly he's healthy and wonderful now. She will be too.


Min said...

Oh, my! I think the sound of baby's heads hitting hard surfaces is one of the worst sounds. Poor Meera! I hope she's feeling better today...although my guess is that she's looking far worse.