Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quote of the Day

Last night I re-organized some of our kitchen cupboards and got rid of a whole bunch of Kyle and Owen's kitchenware that they've outgrown (sippy cups, plastic cups with spill-proof lids, etc.). I had bought a bunch of new glass and plastic cups to replace the "little kid" stuff and while the boys were sleeping last night I had set it all up on the bottom shelf of one of the cupboards. Today I was showing them all of this, and explaining to them that from now on they will get their cups from here, and showing them that Meera's "baby stuff" is there, etc., etc., etc. They get very excited about anything like this. And this whole 'out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new'/cupboard-re-org was oh-so-thrilling for them. (absolutely no sarcasm there; seriously-- they are just absolutely beyond thrilled with things like this). Of course, right away, they wanted to "try out" one of the new "big boy" "real glass" cups so they each pulled one out of their "new" shelf area and pranced off to fill them with water. As Kyle strutted off with glass cup in hand I heard him announce giddily to himself: "We're five years old now -- and my life is all changing!!!"

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