Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life Moving Way Too Fast

I keep a notebook on my desk next to my computer at home. On one of the pages I keep a list of things that I want to blog about. These aren't day-to-day quick-and-easy what-we're-up-to blog posts, they are ideas that I want to write about that will take more time than a quickie-upload-some-photos-and-be-done-with-it post. I just now counted the topics on that list-- there are currently 28. And that is just what is jotted down there (doesn't include all the stuff bouncing around in my head). Life is just moving way too fast. I hear about people who can't think of what to write about on their blogs; people who struggle to come up with stuff. Around here, trust me, there is no lack of blogging material. In fact, the sheer bulk of blog material is totally overwhelming at times. Times like right now.


laurafingerson said...

I totally have a list of to-blog-about materials and I totally am way behind (and I don't have nearly the competing time pressures you do!). I get caught up in the day-to-day blogging (quick, put that cute photo I took today!) and I miss writing the deeper, more reflective posts. I love reading your sociologically-informed or otherwise reflective posts, but I totally understand not having enough time to write them! But, I really do love reading them and think they're so important.

Speaking of time -- there was an article in our paper today about making your own butter. Delicious, apparently, and not too hard. As a Scandinavian-American, I can totally appreciate the yumminess of fresh butter on fresh bread. But I think that might have to wait until I am retired! I'll call my mom and ask her if she wants to try it....!

Ah well, as I have to remind myself constantly, there is a time for everything. Now, the time is to have a noisy, full-of-energy house with all the fun and exhausting demands of raising young children. Later, the time will be to make my own butter, sit on our porch swing in the evenings, and read long novels without any inteorruptions. For now, just like your blog entries remind me, I'll take the former! :)

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Hi hbj,
Thanks for your kind comments while catching up on my blog (how you found time for that is amazing!). I am always doing life in too-fast mode and so though I'm a faithful reader, I'm a lousy commenter.
I hope to catch up this weekend! We're all looking forward to it.